Scriptor is a tool for students and staff at Uppsala University and the aim is to help students develop their academic writing skills. Take a look around and discover the tricks of the trade, tricks that will help you become a better writer.

What makes a text well-written? What makes a text academic? These are questions Scriptor sets out to answer. Scriptor is a collection of authentic student texts written by Uppsala University students, and it includes a variety of text types from different academic disciplines. These texts have been specially selected to show what a well-written academic text should look like. All texts have been tagged with comments with the purpose of showing what makes these texts exemplary.

About this version of Scriptor

The first version of Scriptor (v. 0.1 beta) has been published on 2015-03-11. This version is functional but not all features have been implemented yet. The following features are planned for the upcoming release:

  • Individually commented student texts (in the present version, all annotations (“Tools”) are standard texts).
  • The possibility for users to save their collections of Tools.


Please send your comments to Marco Bianchi.

Technical requirements

Scriptor is built for html5- and css3-compliant and JavaScript enabled browsers. It has been tested on Firefox 23.0+, Safari 7 and Internet Explorer 11. Scriptor is fully functional in Internet Explorer 9 but some graphical details are not displayed as intended.

The fine print

All student texts have the explicit permission of the author for use in Scriptor. Slight modifications may have been to the original texts in order to fit Scriptor’s format, or to correct errors. Certain features of the original texts, such as figures and large tables, have been omitted. For some longer texts, only certain chapters appear.