Magnetic Circuit Generators for Wave Power Plants, Abstract


This study has shown that it is possible to create a more flexible design of the linear generator used in a wave power converter, in order to increase the sustainability of a wave power plant. It is possible to mix different types of ferrite permanent magnets and differently designed pole shoes in the linear generator, and still generate a similar magnetic energy in the stator steel, as for previous designs.

Different types of ferrite permanent magnets, Y30 and Y40, and different shapes of the pole shoes, rectangular and T-shaped, were simulated in Kalk and Ace for a linear generator. The magnetic energy in the stator steel was calculated and compared for the different cases. The highest magnetic energy in the stator steel (1.330 Ws/m), for a divided magnet, was obtained for 25% Y30 and 75% Y40 in combination with a 96 mm long pole shoe of T-shape.

This project was performed at the Division for Electricity Uppsala University, and the results can generate more work in the area. In the future, a linear generator, with mixed types of ferrite permanent magnets, might be created and tested experimentally.