Using Scriptor: The Basics

Get started with Scriptor: click around, learn about writing, have fun.

Photo: Magnus Hjalmarsson, © 2014 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

Scriptor at your fingertips Photo: Magnus Hjalmarsson, © 2014 Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

Student Texts

The easiest way to use Scriptor is to go to the Texts page, where you can see all available Student Texts. You can look for a type of text (a lab report, a masters thesis, and so on) by using the Browse by text type menu. You can also look for a general subject area (computer science, linguistics, and so on) by using the Browse by subject menu.

When you have chosen a Student Text, it will open in a new page, with several words and phrases highlighted. When you click on these highlights, a Help Text will pop up. This Help Text will explain which language feature we are drawing your attention to. You can also select which types of Help Texts are visible by turning them on and off, using the Show comments in text menu.

Help Texts

Another way to use Scriptor is to start at the Tools page, where you can browse our list of Help Texts. Choose which language feature you would like to learn about by clicking on the list.

You can also use any particular Help Text to find Student Texts that feature that Help Text. Click on the annotax button in the top right corner of the Help Text, and a list of relevant Student Texts will drop down. Choose one of these Student Texts, and Scriptor will take you to it.

Blog posts

The Tips page takes you to a list of our blog posts. These posts cover a variety of topics, from specific grammatical issues to general advice about academic writing.

Want more?

The best way to learn to use Scriptor is simply to click around and play with it. However, if you want to optimize your Scriptor strategy, or you’re simply curious about how Scriptor works, check out Using Scriptor: The Details [link to come soon], which describes how the texts are integrated, and gives a little more detail about how the Help Text hierarchy works. Have fun, and get writing!